Corporate profile

Petredec is a global group that buys, sells, transports, stores and distributes LPG. We deliver our product on our fleet of owned and chartered ships, which is one of the largest LPG fleets in the world.

Over our 35 years history, Petredec has dedicated itself to being a reliable supplier of LPG and to identifying and exploring trading opportunities throughout the physical LPG supply chain.

We are fully committed to conducting all business activities with integrity and excellence, and to preserve the trust of our shareholders, clients, employees and business partners.

Being both a buyer and a seller of LPG, and an owner and a charterer of gas carriers, Petredec enjoys a 360° view of LPG logistics. This unique position allows us to make well-informed trading and investment decisions to the benefit of our customers and shareholders.

Looking ahead


Petredec will continue to evolve as the premium global integrated LPG Logistics Leader and will move more tonnes of LPG by sea than any other trading company in the world.

We will continue to focus on gas trading, transportation, storage and distribution. However the market is evolving and Petredec, as always will adapt to the new environment. Global LPG exports continue to rise with the on-going expansion in the Middle East, Africa, and the US. These additional tonnes require new homes, and along with steady domestic growth our market is now experiencing a surge in Petrochemical demand. For Petredec's trading and shipping divisions to capitalise on the new opportunities we have now added both a light-ends and Petrochemical trading team to work hand in hand with our established LPG departments offering our customers alternatives and flexibility.