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Charles Fearn and Chris Stedman are the pioneers of seaborne LPG trading. They developed Petredec from its origins as a fledging small ship LPG trader until it became the global leader that it is today. During their stewardship of the company, they were hands-on traders with synergistic backgrounds in Shipping and Chemistry/Refining.

Bahri brings both the governance of a public company as well as a very strong presence in the Middle East Gulf, historically the dominant LPG-producing region. Additionally, Bahri controls one of the largest oil and oil product carrier fleets in the world, with over 10 million tonnes of deadweight capacity.


Charles Fearn |Shareholder

Charles Fearn joined Petredec at its inception in 1980 as Managing Director and was based in London. In 1993, he and Chris Stedman conducted a Management Buyout (MBO) to become 100% owners of Petredec. In 2010, he relocated to Monaco as Group Executive Chairman and in 2012 he retired after 32 years leading Petredec.

Before joining Petredec, he began his career as a Cadet and Navigating Officer in the British merchant navy. He joined Esso Europe in 1970 where he worked for 10 years in Shipping Operations, Chartering and LPG Trading.

Charles Fearn

Charles Fearn

Chris Steadman

Chris Stedman

Chris Stedman |Shareholder

Chris Stedman joined Petredec in 1983 as a Trader. Chris led the globalisation of Petredec and established our Singapore and Monaco offices. He retired from Petredec in 2013.

Prior to Petredec, he began his career at Exxon's Fawley Refinery as a Process Engineer and in 1980 he joined Texaco as a Trader in the LPG Operations division.

Bahri |Shareholder

Formerly National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, Bahri was formed by a Royal Decree in 1978. Bahri is a publicly quoted company on Tadawul, Saudi Stock Exchange, with a significant shareholding held by the Saudi government and Saudi Aramco.

The company controls a diversified fleet of crude oil tankers, chemical carriers, product tankers and general cargo and dry bulk carriers. Bahri purchased a 30.3% shareholding in Petredec in 2005.

For more information about Bahri, please visit www.bahri.sa