Our Strategy

As the dominant LPG trader consistently moving over 10 million tonnes of LPG per annum and controlling a fleet of over 50 vessels, Petredec is always able to fulfil its contractual obligations and to identify market imbalances. We have a diversified base of counterparts, buying from over 70 suppliers of LPG and selling to over 110 customers across six continents.

Given the volatility in markets and the need to make quick decisions, the right trading team is important to Petredec's continued growth.

We have the largest and most cohesive team of traders in the market who are provided with an adequate degree of flexibility to run their trading books whilst ensuring that adequate risk management is in place.

Our company constantly strives to be a step ahead of market competitors. Petredec's extensive and established teams located in Singapore, London, Houston and Barbados share critical market intelligence, enabling them to formulate quick and accurate decisions. Additionally our cross commodity platforms of LPG, Naphtha and PetChems offers both optionality to our trading teams and flexibility to our customers.

Risk Management


Risk management is of utmost importance at Petredec.

We have a dedicated and independent middle office team that functions as the backbone of our risk management programme. The risk analysts provide daily reports and market intelligence to Petredec's management and trading teams.

We will continue to manage our exposure to risk, both through active measurement of our trading exposures and by balancing the sources of our cash flows and our asset base.


Looking Ahead

Petredec exemplifies that one must be ready to change and adapt with the market. Historically, the company moved from primarily small pressurised vessel trades to larger fully-refrigerated trades, and in the 1990's the trading team's focus moved from the West to a concentration in the East.

Now those trends are changing again. Smaller pressurised trades are shifting to developing markets such as Africa, and larger fully refrigerated vessel trades are now switching back to the Atlantic as the US continues to expand export capacity. Today, Petredec lifts more US-exported LPG than any other trader. Our fleet of fully-refrigerated ships on the water and on order ensures that we will retain this leading position in the US.

Petredec has the global client base to capitalise on these new trades and the success in trading is about delivering safely, reliably, and efficiently, and Petredec will continue to lead the market on all fronts.