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Petredec is constantly expanding its footprint into other areas of the LPG, Liquids and Petrochemical sectors.

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Back in 2005, Petredec set about faster supply times with the deployment of a permanent floating storage and offtake vessel in the Southern Indian Ocean. Today, our 15,000 tonne, wholly-owned LPG terminal in Mauritius is meeting the LPG demands of the Southern Indian Ocean islands and is the largest storage facility in sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s an important step in a pan-regional supply system which will be followed in early 2020 by a 22,600 mts terminal in Richards Bay, South Africa. Further African investments are in the pipeline as Petredec continues to remove supply bottlenecks throughout the region, bringing cost reductions through economies of scale. Leveraging our decades of experience of ocean going supply, we have taken our first steps ashore with a view to optimise land-based LPG logistics, initially in Southern Africa. Complementing our shipping and terminal business, will be a comprehensive network of road, rail & breakbulk operations from 2018. In the liquid fuels sector, we have committed to long term storage rental for Gasoline Blending in Houston to offer our customers operational and product flexibility on a year-round basis.

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deployment of our permanent floating storage and offshore vessel set about faster supply times for the Indian Ocean
terminal in South Africa planned for early 2020