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Liquids Trading

With a worldwide team of professionals, Petredec has grown from a business that began trading and distributing LPG, to a globally recognised commodity trading company. After its successful establishment of a Petrochemical Trading desk, Petredec announced a multi-product trading desk for Liquids in 2016 which is now actively trading products such as Aromatics, Naphtha, Gasoline, Gasoline components, Distillates, Crude and Condensates.

This strategy enables us to participate in different markets, diversify the portfolio of traded products, and have more dynamic and flexible trading structure with geographic access and global coverage. Our approach is based on the fundamentals of market demands, physical flows, blending components all supported by derivatives trading around the physical exposure. The changing dynamics of liquids trading has seen – like other commodity sectors – the USA become a net exporter and Latin America, Africa and Asia become net importers of refined products. Our Houston, London and Singapore based teams work across the world to source and supply products in the most competitive, efficient manner.

Central to the ethos of the entire Petredec Group, striving to meet the needs of our clients and commercial partners is paramount; if we aren’t adding value then we aren’t relevant.