A fleet with unrivalled capabilities


With over 30 owned vessels and consistently in excess of 60 vessels including those on time charter, Petredec is one of the world’s largest ship owners and charterers of LPG vessels. Our shipping activities are run as a stand-alone profit centre and cover all sectors of the gas tanker market, from pressurised to semi-refrigerated, fully-refrigerated and ethylene vessels. 

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The hands-on approach we take to shipping balances the demands of our trading teams with the investment ambitions of the group. Which means we are constantly active in the sale and purchase market as well as being a significant charterer of tonnage.

Petredec’s fleet is one of the youngest on the water. Keeping it moving reliably, safely and efficiently is the job of Anglo Eastern Ship Management, our preferred global partner. They maintain the stringent international regulatory and industry requirements that all vessels must meet worldwide.

Fleet List
vessels delivered since 2015
total value of Petredec's vessels
3.5 yrs
Average age of our fleet
VLGCs are due for delivery in 2020